Codie Newark

Norwich, UK based developer / artist

✨ About Me

Hi, I’m Codie!
At work (and school (and sometimes home)), I'm a Software Engineer!
At home, I'm an aspiring musician!
I also like to draw, read, write, dance, watch cartoons…

⌨ Software

I've been programming since 2012, over that time I've worked a few jobs, mainly in web/app development.
Currently, I'm studying at the University of East Anglia, and working at Pickr.
I've also had the opportunity to work on lots of games and mods, most notably Halo: Online 'ElDewrito', which has featured in PC Gamer Magazine a few times.
You can find out more about my work on my Portfolio page.

🎹 Music

This year (2020), I've been pursuiting music! My music is mainly electronic, and I tend to share everything on my Blog, and sometimes I stream while I'm making stuff! You can find out more about my music on my Music page.